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The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan Information

Reputation is everything!

Here’s Negan is a co-operative board game for 1 to 5 players, based on The Walking Dead comic-book series. Each player takes the role of a Survivor, recruited by the ruthless Negan. Under Negan’s instructions, the Survivors must battle to clear out a large factory complex to create a safe haven in the brutal wilderness. By scavenging supplies, securing key objectives and fighting the walking dead, the players hope to win Negan’s favour and ultimately become his top lieutenants.

Co-operative and Competitive: Compete with your fellow Survivors to earn the most Reputation Points. The amount of Reputation accrued will determine a group’s success at the end of a mission, plus the player with the most Reputation Points will be declared Negan’s favourite!

12 Scenarios: Clear the Sanctuary by playing through 12 scenarios, each with their own unique map layout, special rules and objectives.

Don’t Piss Off Negan!: Throughout a mission, Negan will follow the Survivors and is controlled by simple AI mechanics. Each turn draw a card from the Negan Action Deck to see how Negan will behave but make sure you don’t get in his way, otherwise, you’ll feel Lucille’s wrath!

Unique Events: No two games will ever play the same, due to the potentially deadly Event Deck. This will control the behaviour of Walkers on the game board or trigger special events.


  • 6x Plastic Survivors – Negan, Dwight, Laura, John, Tara, and Sherry
  • 12x Plastic Walkers
  • 5x Survivor Cards
  • 5x Activation Tokens
  • 6x Stamina Counters
  • 1x Negan Reference Card
  • 1x Walker Reference Card
  • 4x Fire Tokens
  • 5x Reputation Trackers
  • 8x Supply Tokens
  • 26x Walker Tokens
  • 3x Action Tokens
  • 20x Doors
  • 4x Locked Doors
  • 5x Gasoline Barrels
  • 2x Air Ducts
  • 15x Security Tokens
  • 8x Scenery Tokens
  • 16x Board Tiles
  • 9x Walker Entry Point Markers
  • 1x Exit Point Marker
  • 1x Threat Tracker
  • 27x Event Cards
  • 24x Room Cards
  • 24x Negan Action Cards
  • 24x Supply Cards
  • 8x Dice
  • 1x Lucille First Player Token
  • 1x Here’s Negan Rulebook

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.